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Clarity Becomes You

For over 20 years I’ve helped CEO’s, Athletes, Working Mom’s and Older Adults perform better by opening up new neural pathways through relaxation experiences.

Your mind will become more resilient to daily stress and create clarity.

Bruce Wayne Meleski, Ph.D.

Who Is Dr. Mel ?

As an elite collegiate athlete, Dr. Bruce Wayne Meleski (Dr. Mel) learned that success is multi-faceted and one must have a system to succeed. Taking this concept into wellness which includes exercise, diet, and a healthy lifestyle, Dr. Mel began to research the role of sleep and brain in a modern wellness lifestyle. Finding lots of solo approaches, he realized there was not an integrated systems approach.

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“You know you can feel better. There are new ways to help you find your path. I invite you to visit with me. Thank you.” Bruce Meleski