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Body Logic targets the body’s restorative pathway, a multi-path communications between one’s body and mind.  The pathway includes state of mind, neurosensory, and nutritional brain balance integration.  Following the pathway becomes a way of life and action that transforms the brain and increases the brain’s capacity.

Body Logic targets Brain Performance by blending cognitive, neurosensory, and metabolic techniques to eliminate sleep deprivation, reduce anxiety, and mitigate pain. techniques to eliminate sleep deprivation, reduce anxiety, and mitigate pain.


Enhances Your brain by Neurosensory Integration

The Body Logic 12 Day Program

Happiness comes from Flow State optimization. Body Logic integrates cognitive processing, eliminates triggers of fear, and balance the brain’s neurotransmitters. After twelve days (high frequency) of Body Logic Experience, your restorative pathways for body relaxation and mind awareness gain strength, establishing an emergent mind that impacts processes of meaning and emotion. A resultant calm, harmonic, integrated mind takes hold.

Body Logic Experience’s Neurosensory Integration – Changes your Brain – Changes your Life – The Body Logic Experience is a high intensity, high frequency neurosensory experience that creates a cascade of neuro chemicals that lead toward happiness and peace. Many times a session elicits lucid visions, thoughts, and images leading to transpersonal transformation.

Bruce Wayne Meleski, Ph.D.

As an elite collegiate athlete, Dr. Bruce Wayne Meleski (Dr. Mel) learned that success is multi- faceted and one must have a system to succeed. Taking this concept into wellness which includes exercise, diet, and a healthy lifestyle, Dr. Mel began to research the role of sleep and brain in a modern wellness lifestyle. Finding lots of solo approaches, he created Body Logic as an integrated wellness systems approach.

Dr Mel developed The Body Logic Experience technology to promote a high state of well-being, thus the human biological system becomes balanced, stronger, and happier. His goal is to extend this human peak performance technology.

Bruce Wayne Meleski, Ph.D.



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