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Frequently Asked questions

Body Logic is a systems approach to improve your mind and brain. It incorporates neuroanatomy, metabolic optimization, personalized coaching, and neurosensory integration. In other words, it is a complete brain health wellness program incorporating the best and most effective techniques to improve your mind. Our Body Logic Experience program, our premier and exclusive offering, offers a unique, pleasurable way to connect body and mind.

Your brain works better with Body Logic . We balance the brain’s deficiencies with natural interventions. Most clients want to improve sleep, reduce anxiety or depression, or eliminate pain. We can accomplish all of these objectives. Others want to improve performance in life, athletics, business, family, or health. Body Logic targets foundational brain health pathways that have many advantages.

Yes, we help athletes achieve Flow State performance though visualization, recovery strategies, and decision making. We optimize sleep, develop techniques to perform under stress, and teach ways to enter Flow State. We have worked with athletes for more than 35 years to improve performance.

There are two primary paths to start the program. One is the optimizing your brain health through brain balance. We identify the deficient areas of the brain and incorporate specific approaches to remedy those areas with natural and holistic approaches. The second pathway, the 12 day Body Logic Experience, creates neurosensory integration addressing issues of stress, sleep, and pain for the client. A short, confidential conversation with Dr. Mel will help one decide the best path forward.

The first thing is to assess your brain balance. We use the Amen Clinic Brain Health assessment to determine areas of the brain that may be deficient. With this information, we put together a plan to remedy the deficiency. The plan includes a personalized lifestyle, nutrition, and stress management plan. In some cases, we may refer you to a physician who can address clinical issues.

Body Logic Experience (BLE), a unique neurosensory integration, activates the Restorative Pathway, enhancing the communications between one’s body and mind. The client experiences “ultra-relaxation”, calming the body, quieting the mind, and allowing the brain to reset.

BLE targets self-organization of the mind (neurobiology) and often results in lucidity, an experience of visions, thoughts, and sensory connections that create powerful new neural pathways with high frequency sessions (training). These lucid experiences are transpersonal, where a sense of self extends beyond the individual to incorporate universal aspects of life, psyche, and the cosmos. BLE integrates the spiritual and transcendent aspects of the human experience resulting in a positive sense presence. Negative experiences are extremely rare during a BLE session.

Body Logic Experience (BLE) is a passive “high intensity” feedback method designed to target the  Limbic system, the body’s fight or flight system.  Neuro feedback targets various parts of the brain and Heart Rate Variability (HRV) biofeedback targets breathing/heart rate synchronization, each of these require the participant to pay attention and engage in the feedback and training.

BLE is passive in action, however, it requires that you be present, awake, and open to the possibilities.  The BLE therapist uses multisensory and body release techniques to signal the mind and body, all with the objective to signal the brain to “let go” and “relax”.  With sensory, body, and internal signals flooding the brain, the client will be very relaxed in the very first session.

BLE shares some similarities with other mind/body therapies like Somatic Therapy, Holotrophic Breathing, or Tension & Trauma Release (TRE®). Clients who have completed these alternate therapies have reported that BLE is more powerful, positive, and effective in connecting body and mind.

Each Body Logic Experience session, 60 minutes, has three steps. (a) One must be open and ready for change, each session sets an intent for the day. (b) Body activation releases stress in the body: shoulders, low back, hips, legs, et cetera. (c) Following body activation, a 20 minute SOVI sensory experience. SOVI is a sound vibration technology designed to calm the body and mind simultaneously.

Everyone becomes extremely relaxed in their first session. To keep that state of mind, one must repeat the session in quick succession to achieve a reset of the brain. The standard is 4 sessions a week for 3 weeks. At the end of the 12 sessions, the body/mind connection would be similar to 5 years of daily meditation for most people.

Contact Dr. Bruce Wayne Meleski, (Dr. Mel) at drmel@mindalivenow.com, or call (512)431-8531.