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Align your mind and body with Body Logic Experience
Eliminate anxiety and increases happiness
Improve focus with Body Logic Program
Learn techniques to enter Flow State of Mind
Balance brain function with targeted technology
Obtain latest brain health coaching tips
Change your fight or flight response
Remain calm in the face of chaos
Emergence - The Difference with Body Logic Program

It’s everywhere in nature, emergence. When caterpillars become butterflies, swallows synchronize flight, and hurricanes develop, emergence is the self-organizing phenomena. This is the target of the Body Logic Program which integrates behavioral, neurosensory, and metabolic processes of the mind. It enables Flow State, a high performance phenomena for athletes and CEOs. Your neurons firing together. Calm. Cool. Single minded. Focused. Optimum level of powers.
Overcoming being scattered in your everyday work and life has three components. Brain balancing through with neurotransmitters, learning behavioral strategies with coaching, and integrating your Mind/Body communications with the high intensity, high frequency Body Logic Experience creates a high probability for your personal emergence, a bridge to your better self.
Video Example of Emergence – Swallows self organizing into a close knit flock

Body Logic Experience works to reconnect you with the strengths of your own human nature.

Body Logic Experience’s high intensity, high frequency approach provides a very strong experience to quickly balance the autonomic nervous system (ANS). and calms the limbic system, the emotional brain. Creating an “emergent mind”.

The process lowers sympathetic tone and initiates a “positive sense presence” – pure happiness and joy. Our neurological approach prefrontal cortex’s flexibility to process meaning and emotion with harmony.

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