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Body Logic Experience

Testimonial By Collette R

“Dr. Mel is a gifted listener and coach with a keen ability to understand stories and patterns; he uses this to mirror the client.”

Starting with talk sessions moving to innovative bodywork followed by sensory techniques. In doing so, I began to open emotionally, thus the bodywork and sensory techniques are enhanced.

The Unique Body Logic Experience

The use of Dr. Mel’s unique vibration table literally shakes out old patterns in the psyche is an interesting one. The experience was enhanced by soundtracks and essential oils and bodywork visual deprivation and “cloaking” with a grounding blanket. Overall this experience leads to a different way of being.

I felt like I lost time.

After a series of Body Logic sessions, I felt a profound sense of calm, peace, clarity, self-acceptance and excitement about my life. I gained a sense of freedom from the sessions and a feeling that life does not have to proceed in the fast-paced, frenetic way in which I’ve been approaching it.

Profoundly grateful to have gone through this experience.

The Body Logic Experience , is a worthwhile investment and it has helped instill a new sense of hope in me. Thank you Dr. Mel !

Body Logic Experience

Testimonial By Anthony F

For more than 20 years, I have been taking prescription sleep medication to help me fall asleep. These medications have been critical for my sleep and recovery, however, as I approached 65 years old, I recognized that the sleep pills started to affect me in the morning. I began to realize that I had morning brain fog.

As a CEO of a small company, the brain fog began to affect my work.

Something had to change. I spoke to my doctor and he did not have any real solutions, just different prescriptions. So I started to seek out a natural approach to get better sleep. I had met Dr. Mel four years earlier and he referred me to a massage therapist and chiropractor, both really helped me. At the time, I was not trying to get off my sleep meds. Three months ago, I reached out to Dr. Mel to help me fall asleep without pills. He told me that all clients who went through his sleep program, reduced or eliminated sleep medications within six weeks. I thought it was worth a try.

Dr. Mel coached me on sleep hygiene and sleep preparation.

He then suggested that I complete the Body Logic Experience to relax my body and improve my mind/body connection. On the very first session, I experienced a relaxation that I had not experienced in decades. I came eight times in the first two weeks and I began to feel differently. That night at 11 pm, I felt truly tired. I thought I should try going to bed without my pills. I did and I slept through the night. So I have been sleeping without medication for more than two months. Thank you Dr. Mel!

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